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  • New Safe Note
  • New Credit Card
  • Secure Wallet
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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

This review applies to version 4.3. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Privacy is, undoubtedly, Internet users’ biggest concern, and rightly so. The number of threats to our privacy grows by the hour, and passwords, bank accounts, and credit card details are easy prey for cyberattackers.
True Key is a state-of-the-art free protection tool that will scramble and encrypt passwords, messages, notes, credit cards, bank accounts, and any other piece of sensitive information using AES-256 encryption and multi-factor authentication.

The first thing True Key will ask from you is to create a master password. This will be your only key to all your sensitive information, so it’s paramount that you never forget it. Once inside the app, you’ll be offered a series of tools to keep your private information not only safe but neatly organized. Thus, you’ll be offered to store your favorite sites in the Launchpad. Here the program will encrypt and store your Paypal, Facebook, or Google account details so that you can log in to them with just one click. The Secure Wallet offers you a set of “safety boxes” where you can store your address book, your credit card details, your driver’s license, your passport, Social Security number, memberships to specific sites, etc. Actually, you can extend the benefits of True Key’s secure algorithms to any piece of information – Safe Notes allows you to type in any bit of sensitive information that you want to remember and keep private at the same time (lock combinations, software products’ keys, etc.).

To make things much harder for prying eyes, the app offers you an extra security lock – MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication. This authentication method combines various bits of information that only you know, and that will be used to make sure that it’s you and only you that’s trying to get to your private stuff. Trusted e-mail addresses, your master password, or a second trusted device are examples of these authentication factors that can be combined in the way that better fits your preferences. Alternatively, you can use your webcam to help the program to perform a face recognition routine, and even add fingerprint recognition to your exclusive authentication methods. Face recognition can be used to unlock your Windows OS, for instance, thus making sure that you, and only you, can access your computer. You set the level of security, and True Key will give you the tools to enforce it.

True Key is free for a limited number of passwords and “logins”, but you can always upgrade to the Premium version for a larger coverage.


  • Secure encryption protocols.
  • Customizable Multi-Factor Authentication process.
  • Face and fingerprint recognition.
  • Offers a secure wallet and secure notes.
  • Syncs with all your devices.
  • Automatic password management.


  • No drawbacks found.

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    zam Last month

    Can I use face recognition technology and thumbnail technology to access my bank or brokerage?
    I want to protect my finance/bank/brokerage account from internal rogue broker/ rogue admin bank staff.


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